Behind The Touch of Yellow

Mhisha owns this small chunk of space in this big cyber world called The Touch of Yellow. A talkative girl with a lot of things to say, and decided to rant it all out through blogging. It became her beauty and anything random outlet sharing what she finds interesting and cute. She is obsess with toners, red lipstick, YA novels, and a crazy addiction with cheddar cheese. 

The Touch of Yellow is a Beauty & Lifestyle blog (and also trying really hard to be a book blog too. You see, I'm really trying!) This blog offers a constant beauty reviews, mostly makeups and skincare, tutorials,tips and tricks, and recommendations. This blog shares updates about what's new in the beauty market and whatnot. 

Ooh, yeah the Lifestyle part. While this blog is mostly about beauty, it also includes topics that every Mundane will find helpful. Like, where you should dine next, what places are worth visiting, the current technology trend, and much more. The blogger would also love to think that The Touch of Yellow is a fashion blog too, even though she is so awkward when someone is taking a photo of her. 

If you have any question, suggestion, and whatsoever, feel free to send me an email at contactmhisha@gmail.com.