Cleanser & Mask In One: Althea X Get It Beauty Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

I am an Althea Angel, people! That means I can get the first dibs to all new products Althea Korea will launch. And to welcome me as part of this community, they sent me their first collaboration with South Korea’s number 1 beauty show, Get It Beauty – the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer (Php550each) is a daily 10-second wash off mask that has two variants – Rose and Green Tea that is meant to be used day (Rose) and night (Green Tea). That’s right, you only need 10 seconds when using this so you don’t have any excuse to skip it!

How to use Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxer?

Start with a dry face. Apply a generous amount of product onto your face and leave it for 10 seconds. After that, slightly damp your hands and start massaging your face for at least 3-5 more seconds before washing it off. Then continue with your skincare routine.

Note: You don’t necessarily need to cleanse before using it because it actually is a 2-in-1 product – both a cleanser and a mask. Still, if you are wearing a makeup, it is best to remove it first with your usual cleanser/makeup remover. Don’t worry as these are surprisingly mild for a cleanser so, it won’t dry out your skin. Also, if you leave it on for more than 10 seconds and you have a pimple or any type of breakout, your skin will feel slightly tingly. 

Top: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Rose ; Bottom: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer in Green Tea

Is Althea’s Real Fresh Skin Detoxer effective?

The Green Tea variant is for Purifying while Rose variant is for Refining. Honestly, I am having a hard time vouching if these two can indeed purify and refine my skin. It can, however, makes my skin smoother, clearer, and cleaner without the dry feeling. Whenever I am washing it off with water, I am having trouble making out if I have already washed it all off from my face because my skin feels so smooth and soft that I always think that there are still some left. You get what I mean?

I expect it to have an effect on my skin whenever I’m breaking out, unfortunately, it did nothing – I don’t think these are meant for that anyway. On the other hand, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer has given me a new and easier way to keep my skin with good moisture level, smoothness, and clearer state.

My skin is thanking me for not skipping my skincare routine day and night, thanks to its 10-second feature! Get your own now and experience it yourself .


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