5 Things You Didn't Know About Designing Socks

You already know that unique and colorful socks from Say It With a Sock add a fun accent to your outfit. However, you may not realize how much goes into providing the best sock subscription service. Each pair of socks is carefully designed to offer both comfort and style. Here are a few facts about making socks that you probably didn’t know.

  • Not Every Design Can be Made: Even though we may be able to think of endless sock designs, not every style can be made. When we create a new design, our first step is to check with our manufacturer to determine if it can be created.
  • Matching Comfort and Style Takes Time: Every pair of socks from Say It With a Sock has been obsessively designed to be both attractive and comfortable. Of course, making a design that is no easy process and sometimes requires a few revisions.
  • Most Socks Are Boring: The vast majority of socks sold are basic, solid color designs. Creating unique, patterned and graphical socks means that our subscribers stand out.
  • It Mostly Happens in the Sock Capital: It may come as a surprise, but there is a sock capital of the world. Datang in eastern China produces around 40 percent of the world’s socks each year!
  • The Designs Are Recreated by Hand: Most sock designs start as a two-dimensional sketch. So, to create a pair of socks, the design needs to be recreated as a pattern the manufacturer’s machinery can read.

A lot of work goes into designing each pair of socks. However, we are happy to do whatever it takes to keep offering you’re the best sock subscription service possible.

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