5 Most Dangerous Cities on the West Coast

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Personal safety is a key factor to a long, happy and productive life. Living in a safe environment is conducive as it saves you the worry and stress of constantly “watching your back”. But, on the West Coast, there are certain cities that have higher crime rates than others. It can be quite unfortunate if you are a resident within these areas – or about to become one – and not having any means to protect yourself from sudden attacks.

While it may be inconvenient and uncalled for to relocate abruptly due to insecurity, there are ways in which you can protect yourself from any potential harm.

Various Cities in the West Coast that may be dangerous

Here is a list of some of the cities in the West Coast.
  • Long Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Bakersfield
  • Fresno
  • Lancaster

How to protect yourself

Not everybody can be a law enforcer or get to join the army. What this means is that you may not acquire the special training that law enforcers acquire for defense tactics. Also, this may exempt you from owning a firearm, unlike police officers who have a right to a firearm.

Despite this, owning a firearm can put you through long and tiresome training hours and even then, you can end up missing your target when faced with a sudden attack or threat. And if you actually hit your target, then you face the possibility of having a guilty conscience of murder – whether intentional or accidental.

To avoid these risks and a heavy conscience state and also stay safe within your neighborhood, go for  non-lethal defense weapons. These can be Tasers or stun guns.

These self-defense devices are easy to use and, as a normal civilian, you can easily acquire one without heavy regulations as those of acquiring a handgun. See buy stun gun and Tasers online.

Determining the right self-defense weapon for you

Just like firearms, stun guns and Tasers are of different types. These ranges vary from stun guns that are shaped like firearms to colorful Tasers pocket-sized Tasers. Also, there are Tasers specially designed for women and others are specially used on animals.

Picking the right Taser or stun gun that best suits you is important as this guarantees you maximum personal security and safety.

There are also various stun guns that have multiple uses. See flashlight stun guns. These type of stun guns are especially useful for night travels. The light from the flashlight helps to illuminate your way and can help you in your aim on your attacker as the light points in the line of your attacker. Some even have additional features such as alarms that can help you raise awareness for help.

All in all, staying safe should be among your top priorities when residing or traveling within these dangerous cities on the West Coast. Find a suitable non-lethal self-defense device that is suitable for you. You can carry out more research to identify and learn further on Tasers and stun guns. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed and you can only do that knowing that you can stay safe and out of trouble.


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