Your Period Bestie: Beauty Library Feminine Mist

I’ve had my fair share of different kind of mists; the one I’m always curious about is Feminine Mist. I am one of those girls who are constantly conscious during red days. There are days when the flow is just too heavy that makes me uncomfortable sometimes, especially if I’m not at home and the only thing I can depend on are wet wipes.

So when I came across this Instagram Ad, I can simply say that I was hooked. It just so happened that I was in the mall the exact moment I saw Beauty Library’s Feminine Mist Ad. I bought one immediately. 
What exactly is Beauty Library Feminine Mist?
It is a feminine hygiene product exclusively for women to keep the cleanliness and health of genital area. It acts the same as feminine wash, only with feminine mist, you don’t need to rinse it after use. The recommended amount of spray is 2-3 sprays each use and make sure that you shake it before spritzing.

The compact, portable, and cute bottle of Beauty Library Feminine Mist (Price: 189PHP for 30mL /  249PHP for 50mL) is enough to capture the attention of the ladies. The place down there is prone to sweat, heat, discomfort, and even odor. It is best used when you are on your period as it neutralizes the odor our body excretes, but only if you will use it every time you go to the restroom.

Its floral scent is also kind of mild and yet can make you feel fresh down there for a few hours after every use. Don’t worry because this feminine mist can still maintain your optimal pH-balance. It also has glutathione in it, so it promises to lighten and firms the skin; I cannot vouch this as of the moment, though. The ingredients are pure natural too, and the brand is 100% cruelty-free!

Do I recommend Beauty Library Feminine Mist?
Yes! This is the first feminine mist I’ve tried so far and I am very satisfied. It has been my companion during red days ever since I bought my first bottle. I would love to try the other variant after I’m done with this. Also, some of you might ask this: Do I still need to wash even though I have the feminine mist already? Definitely. While this mist can freshen and give you the clean feeling, nothing beats the power of water (especially if you’re on your period). This is simply like your backup feminine wash. Although I suggest that you ask your gynecologist first before using any type of feminine products just so you are sure if it’s good for you or not.

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