Smart Hacks for Keeping Your Beauty Spending in Check

The beauty and personal care industry in the Philippines is enjoying a period of growth, with the total amount spent on imported cosmetics and personal care products valued at $1.281 billion in 2015 alone. Many items are imported from countries like the U.S., with lipstick, matte foundations, perfumes, skin cleansers, and facial cleansers being the biggest sellers. The Asia Personal Care & Cosmetics Market Guide indicates that Filipinos are showing a high demand for whitening products and anti-ageing creams and serums containing ingredients such as glutathione, metathione, tretinoin, etc. The statistics are great new for the industry, but they beg us to wonder if we can make significant savings by changing a few of our purchasing habits.

Are You Really Using what You Buy?

It is important to research well into any skincare range or make-up products you are thinking of buying. The average spend on makeup and skincare amounts to almost $60. This makes little sense considering the average pot of cream lasts at least three to four months. One big mistake is buying the latest ‘must-have’ products based purely on advertising, only to find they don’t work for your skin. Checking out beauty influencers’ social media pages is an excellent investment of time for those considering specific purchases. Choose reputable vloggers and bloggers who are known for unbiased reviews of new products hitting the market.

Founding a Beauty Business

One of the best ways to really know what is in what you are applying to your face and body is by making your own products, so if you have a pharmaceutical or health background and you are considering starting a beauty business, now may be a good time. Filipino buyers are increasingly more discerning and brand-conscious so they won’t necessarily opt for imported products when there are quality local alternatives. Currently, top beauty products are distributed in stores and direct sales channels so if you are new to the business, your Internet presence (think SEO) will need to be strong. Filipinos are some of the heaviest Internet users, spending an average of six hours online a day. Invest in a good, dynamic online platform that provides engaging content in addition to simply being a sales platform. If you need credit, use an online app or site to work out your credit score and see what areas you need to improve on (for instance, your credit score may be optimal, but you may not be so good at making payments on time for credit cards). It is vital for your accounts to be in order, so as to attract potential investors or lenders.

A Visit to the Dermatologist Pays

Before spending thousands of pesos on a skincare regime, it pays to see a dermatologist, who will recommend a useful beauty routine comprising only what your skin needs. In some European countries, beauty buffs are seeing the rise of personalised skincare (in which just one facial cream is made ‘on the spot’ after a thorough study of a patient’s skin). Personalised skincare doesn’t have to be as luxurious as this, but should follow specific recommendations so as to avoid spending on products that can worsen one’s skin condition. Some acne products, for instance, are known to increase dryness and skin sensitivity. Savvy dermatologists recommend laser treatments to address the root of the problem and stop active acne in its tracks, without the need for creams and oral medication (which may have unwanted side-effects).

Approaching Beauty from Within

The tendency when we note wrinkles or loss of firmness it to reach for creams, serums, or make-up, yet to save on these items and make a real difference, approaching beauty from a nutritional standpoint is key. A diet comprising lean proteins, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats (such as olive oil, rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids) will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin (the building blocks of skin). Above all, avoid sugar, which causes beautiful smooth collagen fibers to bunch up and become tangled, leading to wrinkles and sagging.

Most beauty buyers are passionate about their favorite products and without a doubt, rewarding oneself for hard work with the skincare and makeup products one knows and loves can be very rewarding. To cut costs, a skincare routine recommended by a dermatologist comprising only the items one needs, can stop one from purchasing items that promise more than they deliver. Beauty should also be approached from a nutritional standpoint, so as to achieve greater beauty holistically. Comparing our views to those of reputable, independent vloggers and writers is a quick way to avoid unnecessary spending. Finally, those who have a true passion for beauty should consider creating their own products, which they can potentially share with others with a view to starting a business.


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