bSoul: Luxury Italian Natural Skincare Brand Now in the Philippines

Skincare has always been a priority to me. Investing in a healthy face canvass is better than investing in a good foundation. But that’s just me, of course. So, when I received an invitation to join the brand launch of bSoul, the luxury and natural skincare brand from Italy, I couldn’t say no.

Health and beauty company Linea Organica launches BSoul, a natural skincare line that aims to reinvigorate the skin by activating its correct function. Hailing from Tuscany, Italy, this luxury makeup line uses bio-compatible and eco-friendly ingredients to solve the root causes of skin problems, avoiding damage recurrence and the frustrating lifespan of skincare effects that never last.
"Beautiful without makeup—every woman's dream" is bSoul’s tagline from bSoul’s founder herself, Martina Bindi who flew to the Philippines to launch the brand in Manila. She shared some of her beauty secrets and tips on how to maintain a glowing and healthy skin in the simplest way possible.

During the event, we also get to see the whole skincare range of bSoul, here are some photos for you to see.

I am not usually lucky in any raffle games, but I won a gift certificate to experience free treatment at LineaOrganica. I get to try the HYDRA Lift Lifting Anti-Aging, a treatment that awakens cell metabolism, restores hydrated skin and highly improves anabolic and metabolic mechanisms to flush out toxins from the skin.

Of course, I know that you want to know if their products are effective or not, that is why I have the bSoul Starter Kit with Hydra Milk Cleanser (P1,700) and Hydra Comfort Face Cream (P4,060). I will start roadtesting these two and give you an update on my Instagram page (follow me @mhishacuyson).

BSoul is a brand under Linea Organica, a company committed to distributing organic and natural beauty products and treatments all over the world. Follow BSoul and Linea Organica at @lineaorganicaph on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or via the hashtags #GoOrganicWithLineaOrganica, #PleasurableBeauty and #LineaOrganicaExperience. Visit BSoul and Linea Organica at the 2nd floor of S Maison in Pasay or at Ayala Vertis in Quezon City.


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