Top 30-Minute Body Weight Workouts to Promote Lean Legs

Thursday, February 15, 2018

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If you aim to build long, well sculptured, and lean legs, you just have to do some intense lean leg exercises involving only bodyweight exercises. These workouts are aimed at tightening and making your legs lean. The exercises uniquely blend cardio exercises with the advantages of strength training. You do not require costly equipment to perform this exercise. All you need is space and a positive mindset. It is important you give your body the rest it requires after exercising. You can use steroide anabolisant oraux to boost your recovery from workouts and transform your physique. This will lead to incredible advancement in terms of strength and balance. It is important to do some warmup before doing the exercises. Here are some of the lean leg 30-minute bodyweight workouts:

Jump lunges
Jump lunges will aid in building muscular toned legs, and will also get your heart pumping. This makes them one of the best bodyweight exercises one can perform. Begin by getting into a lunge position, with one of your legs hinged forward to form a right angle, and the other one bent behind you. Jump up explosively with the aid of your back leg. While in the air, switch positions such that you land with the other leg forward. At first, try to maintain your balance so that you don’t fall, but as soon as you get used to it, do it in the quickest way possible.

Walking lunges
Just like jump lunges, you can do walking lunges without any equipment. They will still burn your legs, though. Walking lunges can be a better alternative to jogging, especially if your objective is getting lean legs. Set yourself in a lunge position, with both of your knees touching the ground or near the ground. Alternate your legs, bringing your opposite leg forward and still in a lunge position. You should ensure your chest is kept up and shoulders pulled back as you go on with switching the legs.

Air squats
Doing squats will give you a strong lower body and also a great appearance. Your athleticism will also be boosted a great deal. Start by standing apart at hips’ width. Your arms should hang by your side, with your toes pointed outwards slightly. Bend your knees and push your knees down, imitating a person sitting on a chair. Be sure to engage your core muscles. Your weight should rest on your heels as you go down until the thighs are parallel to the ground.

Squat jumps
Squat jumps can give you some quick leg burn. They will also get your heart pumping, as well as providing you with a strong lower body. Begin by standing straight and then squat till your knees form a right angle. Ensure that your core is tight and shoulders are pulled back. Once you get to the bottom, jump up straightaway, making your legs straight in the process. Get enough power that will help you jump off the ground.

Side lunges
Side lunges work on various muscles in your legs and are also good for strengthening the legs. They also prepare you for doing pistol squats. Start in the standing position, keeping your legs apart at hips’ width. Bend down the farthest you can go while leaning towards your left leg. Try to get the back of your leg hit your calf. Squeeze your butt while standing halfway up, still in the squat position, and leaning towards your right leg.


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