The Secret For Fragrant and Smooth Hair All Day Long

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Rejoice Perfume Smooth Series for the win!

I cannot resist any scented products. It’s like they hold something on me that when I smell something really good – from candles, bath soaps,  shampoos, or even a stationery set and pen – I instantly have to buy it. Especially products I tend to use on my body. Dagdag ganda points, ika nga.

That’s exactly what I thought the moment I stumbled upon the duo that is Rejoice Perfume Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. I was looking for hair products that will not only tame my dry and frizzy hair, but can also keep it smelling like a dream all day long. And the second I uncapped the bottle, I just knew that I found my forever shampoo and conditioner. I was instantly charmed!

Now, you might think that I am overreacting here, but this duo is the bomb! There is a story behind its scent too. Peony scent crafted by an international perfume expert, inspired by the most exotic ingredients from Europe and Asia. With smooth serum for soft, smooth and fragrant hair.

Its scent is a combination of floral and fruity that starts off with the playful smell of English Pear, followed by French Gardenia and Freecia, and ends off with Apricot, Musk, and Amber. Each layer of fragrance compliments each other and ends up with a lingering scent that last throughout the day. It’s very feminine and playful at the same time. 
Not only that Rejoice will keep your hair smell amazing, it will also never dry out your crowning glory. I’ve had perfume-inspired shampoo and conditioner before, but it only kept the scent and stressed me out with dry hair. It is so not the case with Rejoice Perfume Smooth series because of its anti-frizz technology that keeps my hair frizz-free, smooth, bouncy, and looking like it’s always blow-dried! Even my Tita who sees me almost every day notices the improvement of my hair.

Did any of you notice how pretty the packaging is? Well, if I can look and smell great all day, this is surely a winner to me. And for 175 pesos per 340mL bottle? I will definitely repurchase. Probably for a very long time too. You bet I am! 


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