TWB Justice League Collection - Review & Full Lipstick Swatches + GIVEAWAY

With the Justice League Movie coming up on the big screen this November, I’m sure that fans all over the world are excited to finally see their heroes in action together. The DC Heroes –Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl formed a group to protect and save the earth from any catastrophe. And to get ready for the big day, Tupperware Brands Philippines just launched their limited edition Justice League sets to help you unveil your own DC Superhero and get into the Hall of Justice! You can either have these for yourself or give it as a gift to a family or friends who are DC aficionados who like collecting DC items.  

TWB Philippines have released a set of Body Mist, Lipsticks – matte and dewy, Hand Sanitizers, a set of Body Scrub and Hand & Body Lotion. And since these are limited editions, make sure that you keep the packagings after you used it up because you won’t get another chance to buy it again. Here are my two-cents to help you decide what products are worth getting.

I hope that there are guys who are reading this right now, that’s why I will start with the Body Mists. But before I start, I want you to know that fragrance is not my forte, so I may not be able to fully explain how each of the mist smells. I’ll try my best, though.
The Fantastic Mists consist of Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman (Promo Price: Php339 each. Buy 2 for Php629 only). They have a pretty strong scent for a body mist that makes it good for every day and going out. I don’t know much about men’s perfume, but I think their scents are similar to signature brands that my father likes so much. I personally like Aquaman’s scent, it’s mild and citrus-y, and this is the most refreshing scent among the Fantastic Mists. Superman and The Flash have similarities in scents – strong and woody. While Batman has this fresh-out-of-shower scent – refreshing just like Aquaman’s.

The Awesome Duo consists of Wonder Woman and Batgirl (Promo Price: Php339 each. Buy 2 for Php629 only). The ladies’ scents are not as strong as the men’s. They have this pa-tweetums thing going on. Wonder Woman’s scent is playful and sweet, the one that reminds you of your childhood days (if you know what I mean). While Batgirl has this fruity floral scent that reminds me of sampaguita – it doesn’t exactly smells like sampaguita, it smells better than that, it’s just that Batgirl’s scent is not something girls or young women would wear. In short, pang-matanda ang amoy nya.

For a body mist, these have quite an impressive longevity. Their scents last for up to 4 hours before it’s completely gone. Not bad for its affordable price and a big bottle size of 250mL each. 
The Hand Sanitizers are just like any other hand Sanitizers you see in the market. Nothing special about its scent and packaging too. I just wish all League members have their own to match the body mists. They both come in a 45mL bottle for Php59 each. 
The Wonder Woman Body Scrub and Hand & Body Lotion Gift Set is one of my favorites among this collection. It comes in a gift box with Wonder Woman’s logo on it that is so cute! Both scrub and lotion have 100mL worth of products in them with Olive Oil and Tsubaki Oil as its active ingredients. For Php299 per set, it is a steal. The scrub and lotion have the same mild, and berry scent that stays on for a few hours.

The lotion is watery that makes it lighter and easier to spread on the body. It does not make my skin sticky when I sweat, which I like, and it also keeps my skin refreshed and soft all day. The scrub, on the other hand, is a different story. The micro beads in it are so hard that I still feel it even after washing it out. I don’t have sensitive skin, but this is just way too harsh for my skin.

You have to save the best for last, so here it is ladies – the lipsticks! They are the best thing in this whole collection. The Justice League lipsticks come in eight (8) different shades that are divided between Batgirl and Wonder Woman. Batgirls’ shade is on the darker side, while Wonder Woman’s is on the pinkish side. They also have the same packaging with different colors and their own logos to differentiate them. 
“The Batgirl lipstick (Promo Price: Php169 each. Buy 2 for Php299 only) is a non-drying total matte lipstick with an ultra-creamy texture. It is enriched with Shea Butter and moisturizing ingredients, this lipstick line delivers high pigment colors in a single stroke to give your lips a smooth matte finish.

Purple Siren – this shade speaks itself. Its reddish purple shade gives a dark and sexy vibe.
Alias – a chocolate brown shade that suits both fair and morena skin tones.
Dark Night – a bloody red shade that is so sexy and will totally bring out the Batgirl in you.
Minx – a dark mauve shade that falls into dark nude hue. This is my favorite among Batgirls lipsticks.

Seeing the lipstick bullets for the first time, I already know that it doesn’t have a perfect matte finish. There is dewiness in it that contradicts the matte finish it promises. I don’t mind, though, because the colors are so pretty and fun. All shades are opaque except Dark Night. I need to at least apply two or three layers to get the color I want.

“The Wonder Woman lipstick Promo Price: Php169 each. Buy 2 for Php299 only) is a moisturizing lip stain that glides on smoothly upon application while conditioning your lips. It is enriched with Acai and Palm Oils that help form a protective shield on the lips to prevent feathering. With a slick-stain finish, it keeps lips luscious and wonderful throughout the day.

Red Blast – dark pink shade that is almost red when applied on the lips.
Amazonian – a neon pink shade to make any skin tone stand out
Goddess – a mauve shade for an everyday, natural, and no-makeup makeup look. It’s also the most opaque and pigmented among the four.
Lasso – a soft pink shade that is more of a lip stain than a lipstick.

For everyday look, I’d go with Wonder Woman. Her shades are more on the girly and innocent side. It’s also not 100% lipstick because according to TWB, it is a lip stain. I didn’t know about that at first and almost complained how it’s not as pigmented as Batgirl’s. To get the colors on my swatches, I had to apply at least 5 layers of it, except Goddess. Goddess is the most pigmented and opaque among the four. It also resembles Minx at some point. But I like how moisturizing these lipsticks are.

Batgirl and Wonder Woman’s lipsticks have the same staying power. Their longevity only lasts for a maximum of 3 hours. 

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Now, for the GIVEAWAY. One (1) lucky reader will get to take home his/her own TWB Justice League Set by simply completing the task in the rafflecopter below. 
The winner will get the following:

*1 Wonder Woman Body Scrub and Hand & Body Lotion Gift Set
*4 Body Mists (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl)
*2 Hand Sanitizers (Superman and Wonder Woman)
*2 Batgirl Lipsticks
*2 Wonder Woman Lipsticks

Terms and Conditions:
  • This is open to all Philippines residents
  • Use of dummy/giveaway account is strictly not allowed
  • The prize is for branch pick up. See the list of branches here
  • The prizes might change depending on availability of the products at the branch where the winner will claim


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