Get Free Load and Sodexo GC with PERA SWIPE

Disclaimer: PERA SWIPE home page was used on iPhone for photo-op only. The app is not yet available in iOS as of the moment.

The title got your attention, yes? Ha! It sounds too good to be true, but it is TRUE! You can easily get free load or even Sodexo Gift Certificate by simply using this new app called PERA SWIPE.

We all know that we, Filipinos are very cellphone-dependent, especially millenials. The first thing that we look for in the morning if our phones. They say that you will not get anything out of using cellphones, only this time, they’re wrong. So to give you a short introduction about PERA SWIPE:

PERA SWIPE is a lock screen rewards app created by Mobino Inc. PERA SWIPE aims to bring added value to content and promotions by rewarding users with points that can be redeemed for prepaid mobile load, Sodexo Mobile Pass and other prizes (more prizes in the future). Postpaid subscribers are very much welcome to use the app since the load prizes can be sent to others as a gift or they can save up points for Sodexo Mobile Passes.

PERA SWIPE displays various promotions and interesting articles offering different points on users’ lock screens. Users will be able to earn points by swiping left or right on their PERA SWIPE lock screens. Swiping right allows the user to unlock their smartphone, while swiping left on special promotions will direct the user to the promoter’s website, social media page or other URLs. Users can earn points in three ways:

First, by swiping left or right.
  • ·         Get +1 point from every swipe.
  • ·         Get +3 points for up to 4 times every hour.
  • ·         Get more points from lock screen events and app installs.
  • ·         Swipe and scroll up and down on your PERA SWIPE lock screen 100 times a day andget 30 bonus points the next day.
  • ·         Earn up to 200+ points every day by just swiping!

Second, joining events and contests conducted by PERA SWIPE.
  • ·         Follow PERA SWIPE’s events and announcements in the app or on their Facebook page ( to join contests and win exciting prizes from Gift Certificates to Smartphones and even flight tickets!

PERA SWIPE load redemption supports Globe, Smart and Sun networks. (SUN temporary unavailable as SUN is upgrading their real-time load API.)

Use my code: ttyblog upon signing up to earn 500 points instantly!

Install PERA SWIPE from Play Store now! ( Available for Android users only.


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