"May Forever” Kasalang Bayan sa Lancaster New City

 I have always been a hopeless romantic. Cheesy movies, love songs, and happily ever after has been my thing. So when I received an invitation to witness not one, but seventeen couples share their love vows, I was beyond excited. We always hear the term “Walang Forever” since we don’t know how long, yet these 17 couples were willing to take their chances to prove that forever do exist by exchanging their vows at Lancaster New City Cavite.

The altar at Church of the Holy Family
 That was my first time witnessing a kasalang bayan. Let’s be honest here, seventeen couples to be wed in one church sounds a little bit extreme, but honestly, the Church of the Holy Family accommodated all their guest quite well. I was actually surprised that we managed to fit in the church! Anyway, going back to the mass wedding, it was utterly romantic. As I watch these couples exchange their vows to each other, you can see it in their eyes that they are truly in love.

The seventeen newly wedded couples

Inside the Buckingham, Leighton Hall
After the wedding ceremony, we also got the chance to see the inside of Buckingham, Leighton Hall. The last time I was here in Lancaster, I didn’t get the chance to go and take a look inside the reception hall. It was surprisingly spacious. The interior design is modern and classy that makes you feel that you’re in a famous hotel. A romantic church (Church of the Holy Family) plus cozy reception (Buckingham, Leighton Hall) sure is a perfect combination to be wedded.

When we were about to go home after a dreamy day, I again had a thought that the moment I got a job after I graduate next year, I will definitely buy a house in Lancaster. I may be living in Manila right now, but I will always be a Caviteña. I saw this Lancaster house model last year and I still couldn’t get it off my mind. But really, this day has been an unforgettable one; I watched seventeen brides as they walked down the aisle, grooms waiting for them in front of the altar, and when they all kissed, I know that was the start of their happily ever after. 


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