Taking Your Blog To The Next Level

Friday, October 06, 2017
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People think that being a blogger is a hobby or a part-time job. But when it’s your passion, and you spend most of your days writing blogs and coming up with new ideas, it becomes your full-time job. Taking your blog to the next level means that you are committing 100% to being a full-time blogger.

Here are some ways you can take the next step in your blogging career.

It’s time to think about a logo, to decide on a final color scheme and to make up a tagline or too. You can create your brand by using business cards and maybe even merchandise. Your brand needs to represent who you are - there’s no point having lipstick as your logo if you blog about archery. Make it obvious, personal and unique, you want people to recognize your blog, and to know immediately what sort of content you write.

Start putting feelers out into the blogging community. You’ll get more awareness through collaborating on blogs than if you stick to your own page. Get a few projects going. If you are in project overload, or if you decide to have a couple of admins on your blog then look into a test management application to help track the different projects. It’s fun working with other people, you’ll boost your readership, and you’ll be able to write about things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to.

Get going to some blogger conferences. They are dotted all over the world and open up so many avenues for you. You can even blog about it! Use conferences to network, to set up new projects and to start spreading your brand. The more you get your name out there, even within the blogger community, the better. A lot of bloggers link to each other and share a lot of readerships.

Ghost Writers
If you get to a point where you just can’t keep up with the amount of blogs you need to write think about paying a freelance writer to do some ghost writing for you. Ghostwriting means that although they are the author, they are writing in your voice for your site.

As much as you might not like it, you will need to start thinking about accepting adverts on your blog site. Some companies pay for an advert, for a mention in one of your blogs, or send you products to review. There’s no sense saying no to free stuff, but remember that you need to keep the tone and subject of your blog cohesive so you will have to say no at times. A fitness blog suddenly posting about the best takeaways in their town wouldn’t be great. The readers would lose faith in the blogger and move on.


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