Say Goodbye to Tired Eyes with Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch

Puffy eyes, eye bags, we’ve all been there. Stress can be seen through someone’s eyes; as much as possible, we want our eyes to look and be healthy. Of course, there’s always cucumber, but then again, this is 2017 and there is such thing as an eye patch. The one I will be featuring today, though, is not just any regular eye patch; this one has black pearl and gold in it! Glam, I know, and it’s called Petitfee Black Peal & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch.

I got this, I think, last year at Althea when they were celebrating their first anniversary. I’ve been meaning to post this review since forever, but it’s hard to post a visible before and after photo. That’s the hardest part of reviewing a skin care product, by the way. I still have none, but whatever!
Product Info:
Petitfee Black Peral & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
1.6g x 60 pieces
For all skin type
Php460.00 / Approx. USD10.00

The eye patch is housed in a sturdy plastic container that also comes with a spatula for you to get the eye patches for hygienic purposes. I actually like that most brands now include spatulas in their skincare products nowadays. It is much easier with it than using our hands. And all necessary and important details are all written on it – in English. Yay for that because most Korean brands doesn’t have any English writings on their products.

The eye patches are surprisingly on the thinner side compared to the other eye patches I have tried before and is made out of jelly as well. Petitfee Black Peral & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch are also soaked in serum that it will sometimes fall off of your under eyes. You will also notice that its blackish color and the patch filled with gold particles.

What are the benefits of Black Pearl and Gold to our skin? Black Pearl has amino acid that helps rejuvenate and purifies the skin while Gold gives a brightening effect. I think these ingredients are the one that gives a cooling sensation whenever I use a pair of eye patch.
Since my personal concern is my puffy eyes, I can’t vouch the eye patch brightening capabilities considering I don’t really have that “panda eyes”. It can, however, make my eyes look more awake and well-moisturized throughout the day. My eyes are less puffy the morning I take it off and stay that way for the whole day. The effect is only temporary, though. So I only use it whenever necessary or if my eyes look like it hasn’t slept for days.

Will I repurchase? Probably not, but I’d love to try the other variant. 

What are your thoughts on eye patches? 

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