Review: Etude House CC Cream Silky

Truthfully, I don’t plan on reviewing this CC cream from Etude House because: 1) I’m selling this 2) I’m selling this and 3) I’m selling this. So, yeah... I am selling this one before, but since there isn’t anyone who wanted to buy (quite disappointing, eh?), then I might as well use it for myself and do a review. ^o^

Etude House CC Cream has two variants: Silky and Glow. Just so you know, I already reviewed the Glow one before (Review: Etude House CC Cream – Glow). That made me hesitates to do this post, but soon realized that they’re different in many ways.

When it comes to Etude House’s products, the packaging is always the first one to look at. And this one is no exemption to that. The CC cream comes in a white and sleek tube with a pump. It’s simple yet very royal. I have this theory that they packed their cc cream in a tube that represents its finish. I just noticed that because I own the two cc creams and the two of them have different tube-texture. Anyway, that’s just a theory. 

Just like the other Korean CC creams and the other variant of this, they have the same white-colored cream that will self-adjust while blending it onto the skin. This cc cream sure is easy to spread and a little goes a long way. It has a hint of lavender scent and is not overwhelming. It has a smooth and a bit runny consistency.

I also did this test for you to see if Etude House CC cream Silky is sticky.
As you can see, out of 12 paper pieces, only three remained after I flipped my hand. Impressive, right? If I will compare it to the Glow, Silky is less sticky. (Ooh, they rhymed! LOL)

 My skin became instantly smooth and soft like a silk. You just have to wait a minute or two before you settle it with your favorite powder then you’re good! Compared to the EH CC Glow, this one doesn't give a whitecast and despite of its light shade, it still matches my skin with yellow undertones. The finish is absolute matte after it dries up. 

Etude House claims that this cc cream could cover your flaws, but it couldn’t really. The coverage is very sheer and barely covers anything. I remember saying this before that some cc creams work better for those with a less skin problem. This CC cream, after all, was made to even out the uneven skin tone. I like using it under my BB cream and foundation or alone during my lazy days. A makeup with sheer coverage has its advantage too, you know? It might make you feel bare, but still, with its matte finish, it is a perfect one for no-makeup makeup, yes?

Hmm.. The 8-in-1 formula sure is interesting. With one product, you can really skip your skin care routine (I know you’re sensing a “but” here haha) but, it’s moisturizing property is a bit lacking. Yes, it lacks moisture to my skin, I don’t if it’s just me, but I really did notice it. Maybe that’s the advantage of the other variant, CC cream Glow since its way better on moisturizing. Sun protection? Yes, it has SPF30 PA++. And given that it has Arbutin in it, I think that it will help whiten the skin with continued usage.

Another good point of this cc cream is that it gives a healthy complexion on the skin and yes, it does even out my skin tone! It stays for about 3-4 hours prior to application.

Yours truly wearing Etude House CC Cream under Maybelline BB Stick

OVERALL EXPERIENCE:    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 3.5/5

Etude House CC Cream - Silky, 35g
Price: Php848.00
Available at: All Etude House branches & Department Stores Nationwide

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xoxo, M.
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