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Why hello there!  I have known about this Milky Dress Lotion since last year whenever I was looking for any makeup deals at WeMakePrice. Since I have tried a product that also promises the same instant result, I simply ignored this Milky Dress even though it is made in Korea, which is mostly the reason why I always ended up buying a certain product.

I have no expectation from this lotion. Nevertheless, I still give it a try because Hayan Korea gave me an opportunity to do so in exchange of my honest review.
The lotion itself is very watery which makes it easier to blend with the skin. Compared to the lotion like this that I’ve tried before, Milky Dress doesn’t cake and not sticky at all. It’s lightweight and sure does smell like milk.

Does it whiten the skin instantly? Yes! Just do not expect that you’ll have the Korean-white-skin effect if you are morena after all. I tried the lotion to my sister and I have to apply at least two layers of lotion to make the obvious effect. Then again, it is still up to you if you simply want to brighten your complexion, then one layer is actually enough. It’s just that with my sister’s skin color, one layer isn’t enough to see that it really whitens. 
You can also use it on your face, but the effect will be just like a CC cream. With soft and cottony finish, it is indeed a good everyday base makeup without covering anything.

Downside? Hmm... There are two:  1) No SPF; and 2) Stays for about 1-2 hours only.  With a very humid weather here in our country, SPF is a must! And Milky dress doesn’t have any. Seriously, one-to-two hours of staying power? Not really nice.

The good thing is that it does give an instant white on the skin and moisturizes it at the same time. Also, it does dry up pretty fast. Just make sure that you apply it evenly on your skin to have a perfect white skin effect without looking fake!

Overall Experience:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  4/5

Milky Dress Premium Face & Body
Introductory Price: Php599 | Original Price: Php1250
Available at: HayanKorea | Serry Mall

What about you? Do you prefer to have a fair or tan skin? Let me know by commenting below!

xoxo, M.

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