UPDATED: Where To Buy Korean Cosmetics Online - Local & International

Since I've been receiving emails,questions, and comments every time I posted anything about Korean Cosmetics such as; "Where did you bought it?" "Is this online store trusted?" "Am I safe from customs duties and taxes if I will buy from this store?" and so on and so forth. That's why I decided to do this blog post  to help you find and buy your K-makeups locally and internationally. Let's first start with local online shops *in no particular order*:

"Who wants sale?" That is what you will always read on her status every time a bunch of box full of K-makeups are already on-hand. Yes, she never posted anything unless they are on sale; you just have to be really fast commenting "mine" because just like sample room samples, they easily get taken by anyone. She also ships the items very fast and very reliable customer service.

Q-depot is actually Korea-based store but they also have an office here in the Philippines, so you can order from them and the shipment will be coming here - just as long as there is a stock, of course.

Moving on to the International Online Shops that Sells Korean Cosmetics
I so love this store! They are carrying a lot and effective Korean Skincares & Makeups. Every once in a while, they have a new skincare product to offer. Wishbox, beauty steal and many more are what they offer as budget friendly promos. Orders are processed fast and so the shipment. Expect your orders packed nicely with bubble wraps and also with some sample gifts.

A Korean Cosmetics shop based in the US. They not only sells K-products, but they also have monthly subscription box that's full of makeups, skincares, and even a box full of face masks! And no customs issue too :)

I only had one transaction with them but I was really impressed how fast they shipped the items. Their prices are pretty decent and also quite generous with samples. They also offers free shipping and their website is really easy to navigate.

They have the widest ranges of brands! They also sells snacks and some fashion items; have decent prices and do have a point reward system for members. Although the process of orders is quite slow, they make sure that your items are safe on how they pack them. Shipping fee is quite steep but considering their price, I guess it is not that bad. But what's so good about them is how they give out many samples for your purchase.

I hope this post helps! :) And if you know a certain Korean Cosmetics online store, let me know by commenting below! ^^

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