REVIEW | Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack

Obvious big pores around your nose? Having problems applying foundations or bb creams because of those obvious holes on your nose? Been looking everywhere for the product to solve that problem of yours? Worry no more! because Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack is now here so solve those skin concerns. 

I got this egg a couple of months ago from BntNews for review purposes. I've wanted to have at least one from this line so I really am thankful to receive this and for free! LOL But rest assured that all the things i'll say about it comes from my honest experience and opinion/s. :) Let's start then~!


Brand: Tony Moly
Name: Egg Pore Tightening Pack
Net Wt: 30ml
Price: Php528.00
Where to Buy: In all Tony Moly stores

Description: Wash off pack that contracts the widen pores, Pore contraction, Sebum suction, Low irritation wash off type Egg white / Clay / Cellemix Recommended for: People with wide pores, People with a lot of sebum secretion 
Usage: Apply adequate amount over areas with enlarged pores, not too think, let dry for 10~15 min until pore pack becomes stiff. Wash off in tepid water.

PACKAGING: Obviously, this pack comes in an egg shaped container. It's brown and has a little crack-like design on the top that make it really pretty looking. You'll also see that there is a chick drawing on the front of the egg. When you open, there is a yellow lid acting the egg yolk to prevent the product getting messy. The clear box has the information's on the side written in English. 

VERDICT: I'll start with it's texture, this egg pore tightening pack has a very thick jelly like texture yet still easy to spread. The scent is a bit strong for me, like a floral with medicine plus mint smell which may not be appealing to all. It'll also get dry after 5 minutes upon application depending on how many layers you want to put on your nose or any areas with big pores that are visible. There is a tightening feeling the moment that the mask is getting drier, you'll definitely feel that your pores are closing.

I am using this pack thrice a week or whenever I feel like my nose are in need of some major cleansing for 2 months already. In that time, I did not notice any changes on my pores. Technically, the tightening effect is only instant, but will give your nose a super smooth finish and whiteheads free for 2-3 days. As you can see on the photo above, the after nose is very glossy looking, cleaner pores and barely visible.

Every after using this pack and then applying foundation/bb cream, I really noticed a big difference (I wish I took a photo of it), the holes on my nose aren't there anymore and it's a very smooth application. I just wish that the tightening effect last much longer or maybe a slight improvement after a long term usage. But overall, I'd say that this one is a pretty good product. it's very convenient every time I wanted to have a smooth and pore-less nose :)

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Overall Rating:    3/5


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