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REVIEW | Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek OR202

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm not that fan of a blusher, wearing one makes me feel that I am wearing too much make-up, I don't know why but that's my case. So in choosing the shade of my blush-ons I usually ended up on light colors. And now I am reviewing my current blusher from Etude House the Dear My Blooming Cheek OR202, this was sent to me by KPop Town for review purposes. 

BRAND: Etude House
NAME: Dear My Blooming Cheek OR202
NET Wt: 4g
For All Skin Types
WHERE to BUY: In all Etude House stores / KPop Town

I only captures the sides of the box which has the most important details on it. The box is cute as usual, with a pink and hearts designs on it. It really is good that Etude House have a English language in their packaging so you will no longer wonder what's the use or how to use that certain product. But what I realized the packaging was lacking is the Ingredients list, I tried to search around the web but found none. I will update this post the moment I found one so don't worry ^^.

The blusher itself was nicely baked in a cute pink pan. Since the cap is transparent you can see the product instantly. OR202 has frosted coral orange highlighter and a shimmery pink blush which is really perfect for spring! ^o^

Yes, this one is not too pigmented but that's fine with me coz I really prefer this type for a blusher. Although using it as a eyeshadow will work too, you just have to apply atleast 3-4 layers to achieve the nice pink/orange shade on your lids. I suggest to use your fingers when applying it on your cheeks or even on your lids coz using a brush won't do, you'll just end up blush-less. If you know what I mean. Hehe

Dear My Blooming Cheek OR202 in action:

 Gives a pretty pink blush
Multi-purpose, can be used as blusher, eyeshadow and highlighter
Perfect for Natural Look
Cute Packaging
Available Locally
Has a nice decent staying power

Not too pigmented / for eyeshadow use
No Ingredients list

Do I recommend this product?: Yes! This one is a good choice of a blusher, its like a 3in1 product so you really save a lot. 

Will I repurchase?: Probably the other shades! :)

Overall Rating:    4/5

A BIG Thanks to KPop Town for sending and letting me try this product. If you wish to purchase this, use my code : KSP1M to receive a 5% discount. 

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And that's all for my review. THANKS for reading! ^^ Bye-bye!

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