Valentine's Day Make-up Collaboration

by - Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Have a date this Valentine's day and having problems on what make-up you should wear? then worry no more~ me and my BBU friends decided to do another make-up collaboration Valentine Edition. JannieEyahMichelle, Joyce, Denzylle and yours truly is here to give you some make-up ideas to wear on your date *wink* Just click their names to see their own version of VDay look. :)

Sweet & natural look is the best to wear every Valentine to give a fresh and baby impression to your love ones. When we hear sweet look, what color comes in your mind first? Yes~ pink! the more pinkish your makeup looks, the sweeter & baby effect it gives. Am I right? So here's my own Valentine's day look and let's start with my eye make-up...

What I did was;
1. Draw your desired style on your eyebrows
2. Put a gold eyeshadow all over my eyelids and extended it on the half of my bottom part-eye.
3. I used a pink eyeshadow on my outer corner of my eye and connect it on the half of my bottom part-eye.
4. Draw a straight line on my eyelids using a brown gel liner & do the same on the bottom eye part.
5. Put mascara~

And for the lips;

1. Prime your lips with lipbalm, to be moisturize
2. Use any pink lipstick and apply it using a lip brush
3. Apply pink or clear lipgloss for a plump & kissable lips

Final look:

Remember to match your look with a lovely hairstyle, okay? As you can see, I did curl my hair and braided my bangs for a innocent look. It's simple yet sweet make-up look from me and I hope you'll try it for yourself .

If you have any questions about this look, feel free to leave a comment below~ 

Thank you for reading & Happy Valentine's Day!

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