Advantages of Shopping Online for the Christmas Season

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The countdown to Christmas already started. That also means that we should start with preparing gifts for our love-ones. Christmas carols are already being played everywhere; you can really feel the Christmas season. As much as we all love Christmas, it is also the time of the year where we are much busier. Because of that, most of us always do the last-minute shopping rush. Sale here, sale there, and before you know it, the gifts you wanted to buy are gone. The answer? Online shopping, baby! Here are some advantages of shopping online for the Christmas season.

No More Waiting in a Long Line
This is the most annoying part of shopping in malls, especially during holidays. You don’t have to fall in line when shopping online, all you have to do is browse, shop, and pay and before you know it, you already have your packages outside your door.

Lower Prices
The majority of the online stores has a much lower price than in the malls. You can save a lot of money shopping online. Checking different shops to check each product and price differences will take you hours, while with online shopping, you can get the best deals for the best price just by searching for different sites that will only take you minutes! (Check Lamido Buy & Sell for affordable deals)

It is Convenient
No need to get dressed and go out to the stores to shop. Even at work, you can easily browse the websites and shop without getting up! You don’t also have to deal with a struggling crowd and carry all the bags from one shop to another.

Mail Time
Isn’t exciting receiving a package from the mail? Yeah, although you already know what’s inside of every package, you just can’t help but feel excited every time you have to open one. It’s like Santa ringing your doorbell.

That’s pretty much it! Online shopping is really fun. Plus, some online stores give out generous freebies! So why don’t you pay a visit at or download the Lamido App on Google Play for easy shopping!

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Physiogel Free In My Skin Movement Launch

A free of dry and sensitive skin can give extra confidence to every woman. Taking care of our skin is a must, not just for the women’s but also men’s. Just recently, Physiogel launched their newest campaign, #FreeInMySkin movement embodied by model, TV host and entrepreneur Patti Grandidge, seeks to bring together and honor women who overcame their insecurities and became the best version of themselves.

The Free in My Skin Movement aims to empower women to fully embrace and participate in life by freeing them from dry and sensitive skin, because having dry and sensitive skin can serve as a hindrance for women to fully function to their best abilities. This movement also aims to honor smart, strong, sensitive women who have faced their insecurities (physically and emotionally) and are now embracing and living life to the fullest.

Physiogel became a part of my everyday life ever since I started using it last year. Having a dry skin is not easy, but thanks to Physiogel, my skin is improving. Did I mention before that I had a really dry skin on my legs? That I refrain from wearing skirts and shorts while going out. I overcome my insecurities by using Physiogel every day. Now, skirts are part of my wardrobe. Physiogel locks the moisture within the skin and it matches the Natural Lipid Layers to repair the skin naturally.

I can finally say that I am Free In My Skin! And it’s your turn to join the movement by posting this phrase on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account and tag the three strong, smart, and sensitive women you know and you are proud of:

I honor these women who have inspired me to be #FreeInMySkin: @ Tagyourfriend @Tagyourfriend @ Tagyourfriend. #NowPayItForward #PhysiogelPH

For skin that is less sensitive and dry, experience the difference with Physiogel®, the most recommended moisturizer brand by dermatologists in the Philippines.

For more information, visit or

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Review: Kate Tokyo Quick Remake Liquid

Carrying a makeup kit is a must for me whenever I go out. Even if I’m just going to church I always carry a lipstick and a powder with me, of course I don’t use it during the Mass, my bag just feels incomplete without any makeup.

Most of the time, I just use a powder for retouching to save time from redoing my whole makeup, until Quick Remake Liquid from Kate Tokyo. 

Kate Quick Remake Liquid is one of the For Cover lines of Kate Tokyo. It was introduced to us when we attended the Kate Tokyo Blogger’s Event. I mentioned how I really liked and favorite this product the first time I used it. 

The packaging is simple yet elegant in a sleek black tube with a tiny nozzle. Unfortunately, all the information about this product was written in Japanese so I really didn’t get much information about it.

With the name itself, it says that this product is for a quick remake of your makeup. You don’t really need a brush for this one because it’s very lightweight that it feels like a tinted moisturizer for me. And since that this is only for retouching, don’t expect a highly pigmented liquid and a nice coverage.

Kate Quick Remake Liquid only has 1 shade available with a yellow undertone. Nevertheless, this will suit those skin tones with pink undertone as well. You can easily blend this on top of your worn-out foundation. It doesn’t cake whatsoever. The finish is semi-matte and semi-dewy; it’s hard to explain if you are the one wearing it. I’ll let you judge using these photos of mine as your references.
As you can see, my makeup is really worn-out in those photos. Look at my faded lipstick!! Anyway, the second photo shows how the Kate Quick Remake Liquid works. You can see that with the liquid applied on top of my already faded makeup, it looks like I re-applied my BB cream lightly, and my makeup looks fresh again. No need to redo my brows and eyeliner at all. With Kate Quick Remake Liquid, you only need less than 2 minutes to fix your makeup without any hassle. After applying it, my makeup lasts for another 5 hours. Amazing, isn’t?

What's more is that this product has SPF25 and PA++. So yeah, you don’t really need to apply any sunscreen again. I also like to use it as a primer. And it’s good in moisturizing as well!

Now that you know what product stays in my makeup kit forever, share what’s yours! 

Kate Quick Remake Liquid, Php840
Available in all Kate Tokyo Counters

xoxo, M.

A Day in Happy Cream Puff

Cream puffs? Oh.. I won’t say no to that. It started last year when I was craving for a cream puff and google’d where I can buy a good one in Makati. Luckily, Happy Cream Puff is just a street away from our school! After class, I made sure that I will visit and try the cream puff there, and I we did. That was the start that me and my friend obviously became a regular at Happy Cream Puff.

This became our favorite hangouts whenever we have free time after class or simply craving for cream puffs. Seriously, every time that this friend of mine are together, we can't think of any dessert but cream puffs. Our favorite cream puff place is located at 7224 The Zone, Malugay St., Makati City. And if you really don't know how good the cream puffs at Happy Cream Puff, you'll think that their branch is kind of crappy - no offense.

This branch is honestly not that attractive or catchy, but we shouldn't judge the book by its cover because what's inside is what really counts. Here's how it looks inside.

The inside is surprisingly cozy. You’ll also be greeted by their friendly employees upon entering the store. It’s also smells really nice inside that you’ll feel relaxed during your stay and while indulging their cream puffs.
Look! Their cream puffs are always newly baked every day. See how busy they are?

Displayed are the available flavors of their cream puffs. Their best seller is the Caramel Cream Puff which also happens to be our favorite. Strawberries, Matcha (Green Tea), Chocolate (dark and white), Blueberry, are the flavors that are also available. Take your pick because all of those flavors are really good!
Also, those cream puffs don’t have a filling yet. They will only put in the filling when you buy it. So, expect the filling to be fresh and still cold. Compared to other cream puff that I have tried before, Happy Cream Puff has the best one. Be it the puff or the cream itself. Their cream puffs are not too sweet, just enough to make you eat a dozen without the umay.

Here’s what we ordered. Ten pieces of cream puffs just for the two of us and it was still not enough. LOL

Happy Cream Puff
Mini Cream Puff - P25/each | 10pcs - P200
Visit their website |

xoxo, M.

Review: DermXpert L-Placenta & Gluta White Soaps

With a very unpredictable weather here in the Philippines, it’s hard to decide what we should use for our skin. As the weather changes, our skin care routine also adjusts. But there’s one thing that we, Filipinos doesn’t skip. Whitening & anti-aging. As much as we love our morena skin tone, we also want to have a healthy and glowing skin.  To be honest, I don’t really pay much attention to such, but I also don’t ignore the idea. That’s why I’m here to review these super affordable & effective soaps from DermXpert.

NOTE: I only had one L-Placenta Anti-Aging Soap and one Gluta White Lightening Soap. Meaning to say that I can’t show you the result on my skin since it is not that visible in the photos.

I’ll start with L-Placenta Anti-Aging Soap.

Just because you are still young doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use any anti-aging products yet. The truth is as early as 15 years old; you can actually use an anti-aging product because that’s when your skin is starting to age.

L-Placenta Anti-Aging Soap is a clear soap with a very mild scent. A 135g is actually small and it will only last at least one and a half weeks if used every day. On the third day of using this soap, I noticed how soft my skin is. I also noticed that my skin is getting tighter, but just a teeny tiny difference. I really wanted to share a photo of that result on me, but the difference is not that visible in the photo.

I am sure that with continued usage, I’ll be able to see a more obvious result. But as of now, I will leave you with that. And for P145, this is definitely worth the try.

They said to save the best for last, and that’s what I’m doing right now. Because in just a week and a half, I learned to love Gluta White Lightening Soap. P145

How would I not love a soap that makes me feel like I am bathing in milk? Really, whenever I shower with this soap, all I can smell is milk, milk, and milk. By the smell itself, you can already feel relaxed! Obviously, the main active ingredients of this soap are glutathione and milk protein – both are for whitening, and nourishing the skin.  What more can you ask for?!

I like it so much that I have to slice it into three cuts to make it last! LOL This soap is very moisturizing and leaves my skin really soft and smooth. As for the lightening part, I didn’t really notice much but my skin do feels and looks like healthy glowing. That’s a good thing, right?

It’s a good thing that I didn’t have any allergic reactions and whatsoever while using these soaps. Plus, they’re very affordable! DermXpert have other variants of this soap for different skin types too, so make sure to visit them!

DermXpert L-Placenta & Gluta White Soap, Php145
Available at: DermXpert

xoxo, M.

Review: Krave Outrage Restorative Lipstick

My collection of lipsticks includes different shades of pink and red. What I have with me now is yet another pink lipstick. But this one is different because it is from Krave Cosmetics. We all know that the Krave’s products are all made out of natural ingredients – and so is this lipstick. Would you believe me that this lipstick amazed right after I wiped it off? Interesting, right? So why don’t you continue reading my review of Krave Outrage Restorative Lipstick in Lychee!

Krave Outrage Restorative Lipstick has Pomegranate seed extract that is rich in lipids, polyunsaturated fats, fatty acids, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, sugars, pectin, poly Phenosis, isoflavines and estrone. It was formulated with 95% less chemical and helps to repair and restore dry chapped lips. 

Honestly, I didn’t like this lipstick the first time I used it, but after I wiped and removed it on my lips. My skin is dry and so is my lips, it’s really a dry, chapped lips that I have to exfoliate it every other day.

Krave Outrage Restorative Lipstick glides on smoothly onto my lips. It has a smooth and soft texture and has moist finish. I also noticed that there’s a cooling sensation upon application of this lipstick, which is very refreshing especially in my dry chapped lips. This lipstick is very moisturizing too, that you don’t have to use a lip balm at all!

The pigmentation is not that good, but you can build up the color by applying at least two-to-three layers. Lychee is a very nice shade; it turns out a baby pink color on my lips.

I have a very short story to tell:
Once upon a time I was doing a product shoot for Krave Outrage Restorative Lipstick and tried it for the first time. After applying it to my lips for the swatches, I realized that it accentuates the chapped lines of my lips and it is so disgusting to use for the review. So I removed it. And then, I fall in-love.  The end.”

What's the reason you fall in-love with the lipstick? Because while wiping the lipstick off, the dry skin on my lips comes off too. 

It turns out that what Krave claims for this lipstick is actually true! This lipstick is indeed can help to restore and repair dry chapped lips. I’m sure that you’ll also love it; it doesn't just have a very pretty shade, but it can be your chapped lips rescue! 

What about you, have you fallen in-love with a lipstick too?

Krave Outrage Lipstick, Php318 
Available at Krave Mineral Cosmeceuticals in 6 different shades

xoxo, M.
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