I Accepted the Jergens 7-day Challenge

Just recently, I accepted the 7-day challenge of Jergens Skin Care Moisturizers. I’ve known about Jergens ever since I was young. My parents and also my grandparents are a fan of this brand, and it’s no wonder why I won’t be too. Jergens have been part of every Filipino skin care, especially their lotions. Now that they have improved the formulation of their products, who wouldn’t want to try it? And with that, Jergens came up with a challenge.

The Jergens 7-day challenge is open for bloggers – I am not sure if non-bloggers can participate too. Anyway, the bloggers who accepted the challenge will receive a welcome kit and their daily challenge will be sent through text message and email. I am so excited what my first challenge will be! 

Here’s the welcome kit that I received from Jergens. I was surprised to see that the package is kinda big only to see that there’s a full size lotion, a cream, and a tumbler inside. And since I don’t know what I should do with it – even though I was tempted to use the lotion already – I kept it inside the closet and wait for the first challenge.

Mission No.1: Radiate Beauty From Within: Take a bottle of Jergens from your welcome pack and share it with a complete stranger. Tell us why you chose that person and share with us her reaction when she receivedyour gift, and post a photo of her with her Jergens bottle.

Her name is Jinggle, the new yaya of my tita and a complete stranger to me. We bumped into each other the day I received my first mission, so I grabbed her hand and ask her to come with me. After handing her a new Jergens lotion, she was confused and ask me: 'Ate, para san to?' so I answered: 'Para sayo yan :)'. Of course that question was followed by another then another. I simple told her that she deserve it and that while doing her job, she need a little pampering without even going to spas and salons. I guess you can figure out her reaction just by looking at her picture. ^^

Jergens Skincare tip of the day: Have a confidence to approach anyone with your stunning beautiful skin! Apply your favorite Jergens variant before embarking on this mission to achieve instant glow. Then keep applying Jergens twice a day to achieve your most beautiful skin yet.

 I will be updating this post once I’m done with every challenge. Watch out for it! And for the mean time, do visit and like Jergens FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/JERGENSph.Vibelle/timeline

xoxo, M.

Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow

 Disney has always been part of me. Especially the Princesses. And Princes, of course. I always believe that every girl will meet their perfect someone. Yes, I do believe in fairy tale. So when I heard that the Princess-y makeup brand, Etude House, collaborated with Disney (again), I couldn’t help but smile. I mean a makeup with your favorite Disney Princess on it? Oh come on. Will you let that pass? Because I so will not! That is why here I am, sharing a review of Etude House’s Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow in shade no. 1 Pink Glass Heels. OMG! What a name!

I was so excited when I received the package from Korea. I knew that it was from KollectionK and I can’t wait to open it up. Fast forward… When I opened the box of this cream eyeshadow, I was shocked to see this:

I know, right? I was like: “OMFG, is this eyeshadow expired?” Then I poked it and was surprised that it’s so soft and creamy and not dry at all! But still, what the hell happened that the eyeshadow looked like it was dry and expired gel eyeliner? So I checked the expiration date – 2015, 07•07. Maybe it’s just the formulation of the eyeshadow, right?

Nevertheless, the packaging is still cute and very Princess-y. And I love Cinderella! I’m not sure if the container is plastic or glass, probably something in between. The cap has the castle and obviously, the glass slipper embossed. Pink and blue theme. Definitely Cindy. Moving on…

Pink Glass Heels is a hot pink shade with shimmers. I don’t really know how to describe the texture and consistency of this cream eyeshadow is but it kinda feels like a sponge. When applied, it’s smooth. However, it is not pigmented. You’d have to apply a couple of layers to have a noticeable color. Unless, you want a simple pink shimmer eyeshadow.

Etude House’s Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow has a decent staying power. It stays for about 6-8 hours, even without eye primer. I guess you don’t really need one since cream eyeshadows tends to stay longer than ordinary eyeshadows. My only problem with this is the difficulty to remove the shimmers on the eyes. It can be annoying sometimes. Other than that, this Etude House’s Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow is good.

Etude House Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow, USD9.99
Available at KollectionK

xoxo, M.

Review: Peripera x Frozen Magic Glam Tint

We all know and loved the Disney movie, Frozen. Even my uncles know the ever famous Frozen song, Let It Go and guess what, they even know the whole gestures of Elsa while singing the song! They’re actually funny! LOL Anyway, Peripera took the spot when they collaborated with Disney Frozen and have their own makeup line. As a Frozen fan, I didn’t let it pass me! I may be a little late, but it’s better late than never, right? So, here it is~ the review of Peripera x Frozen Magic Tint Glam!

Say hello to Elsa and Anna!

The packaging is so Frozen. The image of Elsa and Anna is on the box and the tube itself. I don’t think I will throw away the boxes of these lippies, they’re gorgeous! Even if you are not a fan of Frozen, I’m sure that you will love these lippies. Not just for their packaging, but also for their colors and performance.

There are two shades available: “1 Let It Go” – the shade of Elsa and “2 I’m Happy, Kristoff” – the shade of Anna. I’m confused why Peripera named the shade of Anna “I’m Happy Kristoff” when they can name it “For the First Time in Forever” instead? Please tell me I have a point? LOL

1 Let It Go – this shade represents Elsa, obviously. It is a hot pink shade and kinda purple too. I’m impressed because this shade is really the same one Elsa is wearing in her pictures. It’s dark and pink and kinda purple but very feminine and not so “villain” color.

2 I’m Happy, Kristoff – of course, this one is Anna’s shade. This shade is the opposite of Elsa’s. It has a coral with pink undertone color. Very simple and carefree – just like Anna. While Elsa’s shade is the bold type, this one is more in the nude zone.

Both of the shades have glossy finish, but rest assured that they’re not sticky or anything like that. They’re very pigmented and give a nice color payoff. You don’t have to re-apply the tint to have a vibrant color because one swipe is enough. But the most amazing thing about these tints is their lasting power, especially Elsa’s tint. We all know that lip tints are long lasting but these tints are different. It can stay all day on your lips! Look at my lip swatch of Anna’s tint. You’ll notice that there’s a remaining pink tint on the middle part of my lower lip, yes? That was Elsa’s tint the day before I took a photo of the swatches! As for Anna’s tint, it’s not as long lasting as Elsa’s but it can stay for as long as 8 hours – whether you eat or not. And oh, they both have a sweet scent too, that fades a couple of minutes after application. 

Peripera x Frozen Magic Glam Tint, USD11.60
Available at KollectionK

xoxo, M.

Whitening Products Every Pinay's Should Have

A whitening product won’t be absent in any Filipino skin care routine, be it a woman or men. That is why I am here to share a list of whitening products every Pinay/Pinoy should have and some product recommendations as well.

Before you start using any whitening products, you must make sure that your skin is protected from the heat of the sun that causes the skin to go dark. A sunblock is a must-have. Whether you’re inside the house or outdoors, you still should wear a sunblock. Remember that your sunblock should have at least SPF35. (Dermplus Sunblock Extreme SPF80, Php349)

Of course you already know this and you probably have tried and tested numerous whitening lotions in the market! (KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion, Php1800)

Picking the most effective whitening soap can be tricky since you’re also using a different type of whitening product at the same time, you won’t really know for sure if the soap you are using is effective. So I suggest that before you use your whitening combo, try the soap first. (DermXpert Gluta White Soap, Php145 or Snow Skin Whitening Soap, Php145)

Face Cream, Toner, and Cleanser
When using a whitening product, you shouldn’t just focus on the body area; you must also include the head part. You don’t want to have a white and fair body, but a dark face or vice versa, wouldn’t you? Use a face cream, cleanser, and toner with whitening properties to even out your skin from head to toe. (Gluta White and Firm Facial Cream, Toner, and Cleanser, costs around Php99-300)

Priva Intimate Wash

Oh yes, this is the highlight among the list. I’m sure that you didn’t expect this one to be here, yes? Well, Priva Intimate Wash by pH-care can also lighten the sensitive and intimate parts of every female’s body. Priva is formulated with Glutathione that helps to lighten the dark skin on our intimate areas. It also has a very feminine scent that stays all day and gives a cooling sensation during and after every usage. Fresh all day, ika nga! LOL Moreover, Priva Intimate Wash only costs Php119! Priva is a quality product of Unilab and are available in all leading drugstores and department stores nationwide.

xoxo, M.

Beauty Lenses Ice Blaster - Gray + EOTD

Wearing contact lens is not that important to me, but I do like wearing prescription ones ever since I noticed that my vision is starting to become blurry. It’s a good thing that Beauty Lenses have prescription lenses too with really pretty designs. Today, I wanted to share my latest pair of contact lens from them, plus a simple EOTD to match it! 

 Ice Blaster – Gray has this diamond-like design which is very sophisticated. It is also noticeable and makes the eyes sparkle. Yeah, it sparks. LOL Especially when hit by the sunlight. With its 14.5mm diameter, it can make your eyes look bigger by at least 10% and obvious enough to notice that you are indeed wearing a contact lens.

A gray lens sure is pretty. You can use it day and night and it will definitely pop your eyes with or without makeup. I don’t know why, but gray is my favorite color when it comes to contact lens. It’s just so simple yet elegant and not so.. OA.

I also noticed that Beauty Lenses’s prescription lenses are much thinner than their normal lenses. It is much comfortable to wear and feels as if you are not wearing anything. And yes, my vision is clearer with this one the same when I’m wearing my glasses. It also has 42% water content; you don’t have to worry every 2 hours if your lens is getting dry. Now, onto my EOTD…

This look is pure eyeshadow. No eyeliner, no mascara. I tried to make it as simple as possible, the kind of look that you can actually wear even in broad daylight. I thought that a metallic eye makeup will compliment the contact lens and it does.

You know how much I love to winged everything – eyeshadow or eyeliner – so without thinking, I did it again. I don’t have any inspiration for this EOTD but gray and purple sure looks nice together, don’t they? Yeah, yeah, the purple is not that noticeable, that’s because I blended them together.

Products used:
NAKED 2 – Pistol, Busted, and Blackout
Bornprettystore’s Polkadots Eyebrow

BeautyLenses Ice Blaster - Gray

Beauty Lenses Ice Blaster - Gray, USD13.90
Available at Beauty Lenses

xoxo, M.

Review: Krave HD Mineral Foundation & Blush

Mineral makeups are really in demand for the past few years. Who would resist a foundation, blush, eyeshadow, or lipstick that’s made out of natural ingredients and are free from chemicals? No one! I’ve tried several mineral makeups and I’m still using some until now and they never fail to amaze me. Just like Krave Cosmeceuticals. Their products are all made out of natural herbal ingredients! And I’m gonna share two of their best products I tried so far – Krave HD Mineral Foundation & Blush.

The product comes out through that hole

The Krave HD Mineral Foundation & Blush is packed in a small jar with a built-in foam applicator and a mirror on its cap. It’s portable so you can bring it with you anytime, anywhere. And since it has a built-in applicator – you don’t have to bring an extra brush with you. Although letting the product out of the foam applicator might be a little tricky because you can’t easily let the powders out. So, I suggest applying it in dabbing motion. Be careful by dabbing because you might let out a little too much product out. Yes, this kind of packaging is really nice, but it’s not very hygienic.  Better keep the cap closed!

Both – Krave HD Mineral Foundation & Blush – have a very fine and soft texture. They don’t have any scent at all. The finish is both powdery-matte. A little amount goes a long way too! See the foundation that I used for the swatch? I can actually use it for my whole face twice. Yes, twice! Same goes for the blush.

The Krave HD Mineral foundation has an impressive coverage. It can cover the redness around my nose (refer to the photo above) in a single application. This mineral foundation is really pigmented, so you have to be careful and control the amount to use on your face. French Latte is just the right shade for me. Although it’s not that natural looking; it’s still best to use during your lazy days and wanted some coverage. It also lasts for about 4-5 hours. Not bad. At first I thought that French latte will be too light for me, but it isn’t really. I think this shade suits both people with pink and yellow undertones.

On the other hand, Jap Cheek Blush in Sexy is the perfect shade for Pinays. It’s kinda purple with a red - pink undertone. The pigmentation is just enough for a natural flush. But then again, be careful while dabbing it on your cheeks if you don’t want to end up looking like a clown. I just had a problem blending it using the foam applicator – or maybe I’m just not used to this kind of applicator. The staying power is pretty decent; it lasts for about 3-4 hours. I also discovered that you can use it as an eyeshadow too for an everyday look.

Simply to say, these two are a great pick. Not just because they are made out of natural ingredients, but also because they’re such a nice product to use. Grab yours now!

Krave HD Triplex Advance Mineral Foundation, Php355
Krave HD Jap Cheek Blush, Php324
Available at Krave Cosmeceuticals

xoxo, M.
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