Zalora's First Ever Pop Up Shop at Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive

Did you visit Zalora's First Ever Pop Up Shop that happened last April 11-13,2014 at Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive. If you didn't, then you just let the biggest sale ever happened at Zalora! We all enjoyed up to 50% off of fashionable items from Zalora. 

My friend, Monica, and I visited the pop up shop on their first day. Of course, that also means, shopping~!!! Ha-ha-ha! Well, we were part of the media people who got the chance to shop first and enjoy the first few pairs of their shoes. 
Guess what? All the pumps, wedges, or even stilettos were on sale and they're only worth Php500! Yes, you're not reading it wrong because it is indeed P500 and not P5000. While the flats are for as low as P300. I know, right? That is such a steal, real steal as what Monica said last time. LOL
I was actually looking for a pink running shoes, unfortunately there wasn't any. But, Keds-Taylor Swift edition is also on sale and from P2999, it is now P1000. Monica was able to get a pair for herself while I was on the side and nagmumukmok because my size wasn't available. 

We even got the chance to meet the these three renowned fashion bloggers; David, Aisa, and Angela. Their outfit really stand out. So, here's our selfie together and with Ed, who invited us there.
There was a large and too many designs available that you, girls, will go gaga for! I'm sure that most of you visited Zalora's First Ever Pop Up Shop at Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive and did some shoe hoarding! I am pretty sure that you didn't go home empty handed. :) Just like me and Monica. Haha

Bornprettystore's Set of Knuckle Rings

It is indeed fun to accessorize. Like I was saying a million times on my accessories posts – accessories could either make or ruin your outfit. When it comes to rings, I’m really not into it. I have these chubby fingers that rings can’t fit on. LOL Not until knuckle rings became popular. Those hardly fit rings that I have on stock long way before are now a knuckle rings. Haha! And Bornprettystore sent me a set of knuckle rings for review purposes. Cool, I know. J

Oops, I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking that my fingers aren’t that chubby at all. Well, I hate to admit it, but those aren’t my fingers, but my cousins; remember the girl who modeled for my leggings? That’s her. I asked her again to be a hand model for my rings. It’s really hard when you’re the only person in the family that has enough patience, taking photos, I mean, good photos. I knew that if she’ll model for me, then my photos will look so much better and the opposite if I will take a photo of my hands myself. 
Bornprettystore Set of Knuckle Ring
You can wear it separately or all together, but I prefer to wear it all at once like three rings on my right fingers then the other four on the left. They’re gold and the material doesn’t look cheap at all. The rings look really good and make my fingers look whiter. Pair it with a nice gold nail polish and you’ll totally rock it! The designs are all elegant and pretty, girly, if I may say. I just wish that they have bigger sizes.

The downside though is that the color fades very fast. I only used it for a week and I noticed that some of the rings were changing color. What’s also bad is that it leaves a ring-stain on my fingers that look like bruises.  And it looks really awful.

Still, you can’t expect much for a ring with a price tag that’s less than two dollars, right? They’re totally worth the try! Use my discount code and you’ll avail an automatic 10% off on your orders. 

7Pcs/Set Shiny Nail Ring Deliacte Bow Heart Skull Design Knuckle Ring
Price: USD1.99

Are you into knuckle rings too? :)

xoxo, M.

BDJ Box Beauty Social: Tres Chic

Bonjour, Bella's! Just recently, BDJ Box has once again organized an event. It is the BDJ Box Beauty Social and this time, the theme was Tres Chic, which was held last March 23, 2014 at SM Aura Samsung Hall. And of course, as a Bella myself, I didn't let it pass and attended the event with my sister.

Our assigned talk was at 1pm but we arrived at the venue one hour early to roam around the brand partners of BDJ Box. Here are most of the booths that we visited.
These are most of the booths at the event. I didn't took a picture of them all mainly because I was only using my phone as my camera that day and the venue is sort of masikip na because of so many attendees.
So, our first talk was the one with Sarah Black, featuring Canon. I chose this talk because I really want to learn any tips and tricks in taking photos and I really did learned some. Ms. Sarah Black is really pretty, she has a very nice skin and hair, in short, I envy her. LOL I actually spent the whole talk staring at her. ^^ She gave us few tips on how to take a good selfie which of course, interest all of us. :)

Our second talk was just after the first. It's the Up Close and Flawless with Max Factor. Bobbyi Carlos showed us his playful summer look and gave us tips on what makeup we should wear during summer. They also introduced the Max Factor's newest product, the whipped cream foundation. And guess what? All of us in the talk got a free sample of that product. Yay!

Thanks to BDJ Box, I was able to meet my blogger buddies again. Too bad we didn’t hang out much then but it was still fun! All of us received a loot bag which I forgot to take a photo before using some.

It was yet another event full of fun, and beauty! I really learned a lot from the talk’s I’m in. And I can’t wait for the next BDJ Box Social! Once again, thank you BDJ team!

REVIEW | Lioele Lip Color Stick

I don't know the reason why I became this addicted to any lip products. Whenever I see a new colors, or even the same colors of my previous lipsticks with only different swatches, I can't help but buy it. This time, it is not something I bought but a review product from Beauteque. It's Lioele Lip Color Stick.

I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the brand, if not, then Lioele is a Korean makeup brand. I've been seeing this Lioele Lip Color Stick before and they're always on sale but still kind of hesitated to buy it. Yet, thanks to Beauteque that I'm able to try it! :)
 If I am not mistaken, this is the improved packaging of Lioele Lip Color Stick. Before, the design is very simple and Lioele take it to the next level in terms of packaging by adding some cute-ness on it. You'll instantly notice that Lioele Lip Color Stick is like a jumbo crayons that kids use. There is a different characters that represents each shades.
Each colors are named and mine are:
02 Jessie - Orange
03 Candice - Pink
04 Rebecca - Red
Cool right?
There's no need to use a sharpener with this one because you only have to twist the lower part of the stick to adjust the product to the desired height of usage. It's pretty convenient that way but the twister is kinda loose so you better watch out for it whenever you're putting it in a tight place.
 The texture is very creamy and soft. It's so easy to apply on the lips as it'll glides on your lips real smooth, literally! And because it has a pointed tip, it's easy to apply and have a full-lips especially when using Rebecca, the red one. Non-scented and very easy to use.

CandiceShe is sweet, girly and simply cute. This baby pink is a perfect shade for an every day look and great to be used as a blush as well! With a pink like this, you can't go wrong.

JessieShe is gentle, happy and has a sweet girl character. This perfect shade of peach is great for the warm seasons. A unique blend of orange and red for an irresistibly adorable look.

Rebecca She is fierce, bold and beautiful. If you are looking for the perfect red pout, look no further. With all the added benefits with such a bold color, you won't have to worry about creases or fine lines - all you have to do is rock it!

Lioele Lip Color Stick has a very good pigmentation. You won't need to apply a second coating because it'll give you the color you wanted. The finish is moist. The moisturizing property of Lioele Lip Color Stick sure is impressive; no need to apply a lip balm because it acts like one. I really love how this lip pencils are like lipsticks when I always assumed that maybe they're most likely a tint.

The only problem with Lioele Lip Color Stick is that it transfers easily. There was this time when my sister accidentally bump in to me and slightly touched my lips; and guess what? it leaved a full lipstick mark on her shirt! Haha! But this is where it gets tricky. Why? because my lips remained as red as rose. Oha! Although it's no more moist but matte this time. Impressive, I know. Now, I should say that the lasting power of Lioele Lip Color Stick is so very long! Approximately, 8-10 hours; by that time, it'll look more like a tint but with strong color, like you just re-applied it on your lips.

Overall Experienced:   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5

Lioele Lip Color Stick
Available in 4 colors
Price: USD8.99
Available at: Beauteque

Have you tried a product like this before? ^^ Comment down what you think!~

xoxo, M.

Beauteque LLC is an international brand that incorporates the highest quality products from around the world. Our mission is to offer brands that are highly recognized from everywhere and every country. After all, we are all beautiful and unique in our own way. Our team here at Beauteque is always motivated to provide you an array of products to choose from to enhance your own needs and uniqueness. Follow me on: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram.

Current, Skin Care Routine + Tips

Many of you are asking what my secret in having a good skin is. You might not notice, but I do too have skin problems like; big pores, and a few scars on my cheeks. And because of the products that I am using to take care of my skin, those problems are getting better each passing day. Now, I will share my current skincare routine.

Daily Routine
Phsyiogel Cleanser - for removing my makeup
Human Nature Balancing Facial Wash - for daily cleansing
Klair's Supple Preparation Toner - for toning
MUA Fabulous Star Cream - acts as my daily moisturizer
Etude House Wonder Pore Corrector - acts as my daily serum

Weekly Routine
Hayan Crystal Oatmeal Peeling Gel - for exfoliating, usage is twice a week
Kiss Collagen Cream - for whitening, usage is twice a week
Enca AC Clinic Pinky Powder - for pimples or any other kind of breakouts.

I am not saying that my routine will work for everyone. In order to have a nice skin, you must know first your skin condition; is it acne prone, dry, oily, normal, or combination? If you already know your skin condition, then it is easier to pick and buy the products for you.

Another tip before buying a skincare product is to do a research. Read reviews of the people who tried the product you wished to buy and if possible, try the sample first or the smallest one before buying the full size. Just make sure that you always give the product a second chance. Did it give you a breakout after first use? Try to give it another try, maybe your skin is just adjusting. If anything goes wrong after a week of usage, then that's your cue to stop using the product. :)

Most of you might already know that our skin is adjusting to the climate. That also means that you have to change your skin care product every six months. It doesn't mean that if it works on you, then you'll use it until the end of time (okay, that's an exaggeration. lol). Why? because your skin will become immune to the product. Yes, I do believe that there are products that are really hiyang mo. Let me give you a situation: It's summer, and from normal skin type it became really oily but you continued to use the product that is made for normal skin. Do you think that'll still work? I will let you answer that. ^^

How about you? What's your current skin care routine? Any tips to share? Comment it down!

xoxo, M.


It’s summertime! For most of us, summer means frolicking at the beach, trekking to mountain peaks and rediscovering cultural landmarks. There are always more reasons to have fun in the sun!

Watsons, the leading health, beauty and lifestyle retailer brand, lets you have that complete summer experience with the campaign: Watsons Sun Up to Sun Down.

Whether you’re picking surfing in Bali or La Union, white-water rafting in Kota Kinabalu, shopping in Hong Kong, building sandcastles in Boracay, or strolling in Singapore, always keep your skin protected from Sun Up to Sun Down by dropping by Watsons - your one-stop shop for sun protection.

Watsons has a wide range of sunscreen lines to suit every sun-care essential.

From L-R: Kojie San Sunblock SPF69, Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock extreme SPF80, Watsons Aftersun body get, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF50, Vaseline Health White SPF30, Celeteque Sun Care Matte Moisturizer, Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze SPF 20, Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh SPF 50, Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch SPF50, Sunplay SPF 50, Ultra Screen MD Body Lotion and Ultra Screen MD Nose Coat, Belo Sun Expert SPF50 and Safe Sea Sun Protection SPF50
To add sizzle to the season, join Watsons Sun Up to Sun Down Event presented by Women’s Health and happening on April 9, 2014 in SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. Enjoy Beach Body workouts featuring Sunrise Flow, Zumba, Hot Hula and African Jam, Skin Care Talk, exclusive shirt and more! Log on to to register.

What’s more, Watsons has an exclusive promo for cardholders of SM Advantage, SM Prestige and BDO Rewards from March 20 to May 28, 2014. A minimum P500 single-receipt purchase of any participating suncare essential products entitles a member to one electronic raffle entry. There will be five (5) weekly winners of Instax Cameras and six (6) grand winners of trips for two with hotel accommodation to exotic Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Boracay.

Because there’s “Always More” at Watsons, you can enjoy summer from Sun up to Sun Down. Have fun at the best travel hot spots across Asia, but always be protected with suncare essentials from Watsons.

xoxo, M.

Review | Kiss Whitening Collagen Cream Mask

Has anyone heard of Kiss skincare whitening collagen cream mask? (that is a very long name, isn’t? lol) Well, I hadn’t heard of that product too not until Happy Hauler sent me an email offering me to try this product in exchange of my honest review. And since, I am a skin care product freak, I didn’t hesitate to agree. ^^
 Let me talk about the packaging of Kiss skincare first. It comes in a 3D silver container and a white and pink box. I guess all important information that one should know about the product is all written on the box; except for where it is made. The container is also a pump type; pump the white thing and the cream will let out from the little circle thing at the top-center of the container.
Note from Happy Hauler
The cream is white and kinda thick, but it is easy to apply and spread throughout the face. It is also not sticky and takes a minute or two to be fully absorbed by the skin. It doesn't have an unpleasant scent, but I also can't say that it smells good. Ordinary, is the best word to describe it. (since I'm not really good on that aspect). I did a GIF file for you to see the consistency of the cream.

According to happy hauler, I should only use the kiss skin care collagen cream twice a week, and so I did. I don't really have an exact day on using this, but I do keep in mind that there must be a three-day interval. For example, I used the cream on Monday, and then I should use it again on Thursday. And oh, it is best to use it at night after toning for best results!
I am really impressed with this cream everytime I wash it off. It makes my skin smooth and soft. I've been using this for a month and a half now and I noticed that my skin became brighter and clearer. I should also say that it did whiten my. What's also good about this cream is that it didn't give me any breakouts. But the best thing is that it brought back the natural glow and flush of my skin. I want you to look closely at the photos of my skin above. Did you notice the pretty and natural flush of my cheeks? Hihihi. Sometimes, i don’t use any bb, cc, or foundation anymore before going out. A soft eyebrow and a lip tint will do!

Unfortunately, no product is perfect. There is always a downside. And kiss whitening collagen cream mask is no exemption to that. I noticed that the moisturizing property of Kiss skincare is not that good. One more problem is that it’s kind of expensive. Happy Hauler sent me the 15ml and it costs a thousand peso. A thousand peso for 15ml of the cream! Anyway, I think it's actually worth it. The 15ml cream will last for 2-3 months prior and the result is really visible. :)

Overall Experience:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 4/5

Kiss Whitening Collagen Cream Mask - 15mL
Php1,000 (Free Shipping Nationwide)
Available at Happy Hauler
Made in Thailand

xoxo, M.

NOTD: Rosa Centifolia

Ooh.. I know it’s been sometime since I posted an NOTD. The truth is, this post is some sort of a review as well, but decided to entitle it as a notd. As you all know, I am not that into nail arts, so I am not expecting you to think that this one is really that good. LOL

Rosa centifolia, is my favorite rose. And since Ms. Carla of Clarabelle Shop sent me this pink-rose-style fimo canes together with more designs, I instantly thought of Rosa centifolia.
These are the fimo canes that Clarabelle Shop sent me. I have here different styles such as: flowers, smiley, and fruits. To be honest, I actually thought of not posting this because I really had a difficulty slicing these canes as thin as possible. I’m newbie at these things! Ha-ha. Thankfully, my mom helped me and well... It’s not that successful at all. But here slices are way better than mine. Boo! Still, that doesn’t change the fact that they are all gorgeous designs. 

So, there, aren’t the rose looks lovely? I just wished that I did a really good job of slicing the fimo canes so that it will look good on my nails. I decided to have a double color on my nails, then put those roses on the sides. I’m really working on my nail arts and I’m hoping that I’ll get better on it anytime soon. Just wait and see. Hmp!

While you’re waiting for me to get better at nail arts, why don’t you visit Clarabelle Shop for now? They have many nail art products that you might want to try.

xoxo, M.