BDJ Box Soiree: Get Pixy-fied Makeup Workshop

I won’t miss an event like makeup workshop – especially if it’s for free. The good news was, BDJ Box invited me to attend their previous Beauty Soiree featuring Pixy Philippines and learn different techniques to achieve the Kawaii look!

Photo credits to: BDJ Box
The said event was held last July 12, 2014 at The Blackboard by Chef Michel, The Podium Mall. There were about forty (40) girls who attended and got the first dibs on the Pixy Philippines Cosmetics’ first ever Makeup Workshop! Want to know what happened then? You should continue reading, pal. ^^

Before the workshop started, we were treated with a delicious lunch courtesy of The Blackboard by Chef Michel, and boy that was one of the yummiest pancit I have ever tried! And well, I am sure that the girls from our table will definitely agree with me. ^o^

Ms. Liz of Project Vanity did the introduction about the Pixy Cosmetics. Pixy cosmetics are perfect for us, Filipinas. It was formulated in Japan and officially distributed in Indonesia, and now, in the Philippines.

 Moving on... Ms. Charm Suerte did a demo on how to achieve the Tokyo Kawaii & Tokyo Glam. And I must say that her name really suits her because she is just so charming and of course, pretty! She does have lots of knowledge about makeups. Especially the tips and tricks that will surely wow you.

Let me show you her work to rock your day and night makeup look! Photos by Gen-zel,
Day Makeup look

Night Makeup Look
What do you think? It’s pretty, yes? And while Ms. Charm is doing the demo, we were asked to bring out our own kikay kits and start doing or even re-create our own Tokyo look. The two girls with the best Tokyo look will win Pixy Gift pacts, and guess what? Well, I won! =)) Here’s my winning look and named it the Pixy-Foxy Look. 

Oha! Smoky eye ang peg ng lola mo!

Products I used for this look were:

Kate Powderless Liquid Foundation
It’s Skin Babyface Natural Eyebrow
Etude House Drawing Show Brush Liner
Pixy Eyeshadow in Sorrel Brown and Bronze Delight
Pixy Blush On in Brown Tan
Pixy Silky Fit Lipstick in 26 Satin

And let me introduce you to these girls who made the noisiest and funniest table during the event. Hoping to see these girls again because they’re just fantastic and gorgeous! 
Photo credits to: BDJ Box
Of course, BDJ box and Pixy did not let us go home empty handed and gave each of us these wonderful loot bags. And since I won and got Pixy-fied, I might as well share it with you guys. Giveaway, perhaps? Hihi 

Once again, thank you to BDJ Box and Pixy Philippines for yet another day full of fun and beauty. I did learned many makeup techniques from Ms. Charm! And I think I just found a new favorite brand. Hmmm.. Pixy makeups price ranges from P140 - P500. They're so good and so affordable, girl!

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xoxo, M.

EOTD + NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Eyeshadow – Walnut Review

This is supposed to be a review post only, but decided to add a little more twist to it. Given that the product I am featuring is an eyeshadow, an EOTD will show a much better judgment from you. If I am correct, this is my very first eotd post. I do love playing with my eyeshadows, but didn’t think of posting an EOTD until now! Just what am I doing during those playful days?

Firstly, I will introduce you to the star eyeshadow that I used for this EOTD, Nyx Ultra Peal Mania Eyeshadow in Walnut. This was included in the few things that I got from Dr. Poison Ivy’s beauty blog when we have made a makeup swap before. Can you believe that after all these months, I just opened this one? Yeah, the thing is, I’ve forgotten that I do have this eyeshadow. And FYI, it was stocked in my products-that-are-not-yet-photographed box. So, you really can’t blame me. LOL

 Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania is an eyshadow in loose-powder type. It has a striking shimmering bronze color with a really great color payoff. And with a great color payoff I mean it is a much Pigmented (yes, Pigmented with a capital P) eyeshadow! You can use it alone or with other shades and it will still look good. A perfect brown bronze shade to use for smoky eye makeup and compliments all skin tone.

The texture is really smooth and very easy to apply. It is recommended to use it wet for lesser fall out. Also, the staying power is very impressive; it stays on all day and is water resistant! The packaging, on the other hand is the letdown. Imagine how you’ll use this eyeshadow without being messy if it is packed in a very ridiculous tiny plastic bottle? Huh?!? Anyway, we can always transfer it in a much better container. Nonetheless, this is cheap and all. J

Now, lets move on to my simple yet glamorous eotd~
There~ I created a single color smoky eyeshadow look using Nyx Ultra Pearl Mania in Walnut. See how dramatic it looks? Even I, myself, was shocked with the outcome of this elated.

I decided to do a winged eyeshadow and eyeliner for this eotd. At first, I only lined my upper lid, but after taking some pictures I noticed that there is something missing and viola~ my lower eye water line need some eyeliner too!

This eotd is very easy! Grab your most pigmented brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner, false eyelashes, and mascara, then and do the look yourself.


xoxo, M.

5 Rainy Days Beauty Tips

It is true that when the storm comes and it started raining, looking good is harder than it needs to be. We always worry for our hair getting frizzy, skin getting dry, and our makeup! Okay, maybe as rainy days become more frequent, that’s when we can wear our fluffiest jackets, the cutest boots, and anything inside our wardrobe that we just can’t wear during summer. It’s sad, but this kind of weather is what we consider as our winter season.

Girls, don’t let the rain keep us from getting pretty! We have to be prepared every time the rain pours! So, I will share these beauty tips that might help all of us to stay pretty during rainy days.

Minimal makeup
Less is more, girls. We don’t want to deal with a sudden smudged eye makeup during rainy days. As much as you want to wear a smoky eye makeup, it is so not recommended. Wear something light and simple as it is much easier to redo if it gets wet. Opt for bright lipsticks, a matte-finish foundation or BB cream, and a water-proof mascara & gel eyeliner.

Say “no” to frizzy hair
Remember this: Do not leave your house when your hair is still wet because it will cause split-ends. Why? Wet hair is prone to dust, when the dust stays on your hair, it’ll most likely cause your hair to have a split-ends. Blow dry your hair and use a light mousse or gel all over the hair and work it through, so that the entire follicle is smooth. Said Rafe Hardy, creative director at Sexy Hair. Wearing your hair in updo is also a good idea.

Moisturize & Sunscreen
Keeping your skin moisturized during rainy days is a must. It will avoid your skin from getting dry. We want to keep our skin hydrated whatever the weather is, right? Opt for water-based moisturizer.

Not because it’s raining and the sun is hiding meaning you don’t have to use a sunscreen. Well, you’re wrong. The sun may be isn’t shining but its UV rays are still there and whether you like it or not, you have to use a sunscreen!

Rainy Fashion
Of course you have your rainy-day outfit~! Stay away from your white and light-colored pants because during this kind of day, a dark jeans are your best option. You don’t want to keep on worrying and checking your rear for dirt, yes? Plus, dark pants are easier to wash and it’s a more practical choice too.

Also, do not forget your umbrella, jacket, and boots to keep your whole outfit, hair, and makeup intact. And last but not the least..

Bag your essentials
We have to be ready when the re-touch time is needed; keeping your beauty essentials in your makeup bag is a must! The less makeup you use, the less space it’ll need, and with the remaining space in your makeup bag will be filled with makeup wipes, Q-tips, hand cream, tissue, and alcohol.



xoxo, M.

Photo credit to owner

Review: Etude House CC Cream Silky

Truthfully, I don’t plan on reviewing this CC cream from Etude House because: 1) I’m selling this 2) I’m selling this and 3) I’m selling this. So, yeah... I am selling this one before, but since there isn’t anyone who wanted to buy (quite disappointing, eh?), then I might as well use it for myself and do a review. ^o^

Etude House CC Cream has two variants: Silky and Glow. Just so you know, I already reviewed the Glow one before (Review: Etude House CC Cream – Glow). That made me hesitates to do this post, but soon realized that they’re different in many ways.

When it comes to Etude House’s products, the packaging is always the first one to look at. And this one is no exemption to that. The CC cream comes in a white and sleek tube with a pump. It’s simple yet very royal. I have this theory that they packed their cc cream in a tube that represents its finish. I just noticed that because I own the two cc creams and the two of them have different tube-texture. Anyway, that’s just a theory. 

Just like the other Korean CC creams and the other variant of this, they have the same white-colored cream that will self-adjust while blending it onto the skin. This cc cream sure is easy to spread and a little goes a long way. It has a hint of lavender scent and is not overwhelming. It has a smooth and a bit runny consistency.

I also did this test for you to see if Etude House CC cream Silky is sticky.
As you can see, out of 12 paper pieces, only three remained after I flipped my hand. Impressive, right? If I will compare it to the Glow, Silky is less sticky. (Ooh, they rhymed! LOL)

 My skin became instantly smooth and soft like a silk. You just have to wait a minute or two before you settle it with your favorite powder then you’re good! Compared to the EH CC Glow, this one doesn't give a whitecast and despite of its light shade, it still matches my skin with yellow undertones. The finish is absolute matte after it dries up. 

Etude House claims that this cc cream could cover your flaws, but it couldn’t really. The coverage is very sheer and barely covers anything. I remember saying this before that some cc creams work better for those with a less skin problem. This CC cream, after all, was made to even out the uneven skin tone. I like using it under my BB cream and foundation or alone during my lazy days. A makeup with sheer coverage has its advantage too, you know? It might make you feel bare, but still, with its matte finish, it is a perfect one for no-makeup makeup, yes?

Hmm.. The 8-in-1 formula sure is interesting. With one product, you can really skip your skin care routine (I know you’re sensing a “but” here haha) but, it’s moisturizing property is a bit lacking. Yes, it lacks moisture to my skin, I don’t if it’s just me, but I really did notice it. Maybe that’s the advantage of the other variant, CC cream Glow since its way better on moisturizing. Sun protection? Yes, it has SPF30 PA++. And given that it has Arbutin in it, I think that it will help whiten the skin with continued usage.

Another good point of this cc cream is that it gives a healthy complexion on the skin and yes, it does even out my skin tone! It stays for about 3-4 hours prior to application.

Yours truly wearing Etude House CC Cream under Maybelline BB Stick

OVERALL EXPERIENCE:    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 3.5/5

Etude House CC Cream - Silky, 35g
Price: Php848.00
Available at: All Etude House branches & Department Stores Nationwide

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xoxo, M.

Review: KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion

Trying different products is such a challenge to me. That feeling when you were using it and waiting for it to take effect on you, thrilled me. So when I was given the chance to try this KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion, I didn’t say no. I am, after all, trying to get my skin color back after a couple of days spending under direct sunlight.

I have heard about KB line before, but didn’t bother to buy and try it. Simply because KB’s products are just out of my budget; they’re expensive! Now I know the reason behind the steep price and if you wanted to know what it is, then you may continue reading my review. J

Packed in an easy-squeeze-type white & gold tube, this lotion sure looks classy. The lotion was sealed and is very convenient to use. Though it will be better if a lotion is in the pump-dispenser type. The box has Korean and English writings. And contains natural ingredients.

The texture is very thick. At first, I thought that it might cake on my skin, but it doesn’t. If you have tried the Milky instant whitening lotion thing, then they have the same texture and consistency, yet KB lotion is much better. Because of the thickness of this lotion, I find it hard to spread on my body parts. And you have to blend it really well if you don’t want it to stick to your body-hairs.

KB lotion has this mild floral scent with a sweet undertone that smells really good. You might also find it sticky at first, but after a minute or so, it will be fully absorbed by your skin.

To make things clear, KB lotion isn’t an instant whitening lotion. Nevertheless, it infuses skin with moisture and leaves it a natural, healthy-looking glow. The moisturizing property is impressive as it makes my body fully moisturized all day.

I’ve been using KB lotion for almost a month now, 3 weeks to be exact, and I did notice that it whitens my skin for about a tone lighter. It’s pretty impressive considering that I only use this lotion three to four times a week. Why? To be honest, I don’t know. Am I weird? LOL

But what really makes this lotion impressive is that it brightens your skin every time you use it. You will really notice that your skin is radiant and glowing. Plus, the softness of my skin sure is unexpected. I bet that after two to three months of usage, I will have a fairer and healthier skin. And not just that, because KB lotion also has SPF30 to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays!

Whitens, moisturize, and protects the skin with this all-in-one product! I now understand the reason behind the price and I must say that KB lotion is worth every penny. 

KB Premium Whitening Body Lotion, 120mL
Price:  P1800
Available at: Watson's & Department Stores Nationwide



xoxo, M.

Get Free Wedding Veil from

There’s this Korean drama that I watched before and one of the main leads says that women’s doesn’t actually care of the one they’re marrying but the things that are about the wedding. What he meant by that was the: wedding dress, the wedding church & reception, the cake, & the honeymoon. Is he telling the truth? Maybe yes, to some, but to me, it isn’t. What’s wrong with wearing the prettiest wedding dress for your most unforgettable day of your life? And it just happened that I know about this store that’s caters many beautiful wedding dresses,

For those who are soon to be bride that happened to be in a rush to be married and still wanted to have the most gorgeous wedding dress to wear, then you might as well visit and check out these beautiful wedding dresses that Gbridal are selling. Not just that, because there are these romantic wedding veils that might be the perfect match to your dress! And to my surprise, they only cost from USD11 – USD45 each too. Well, if you order a wedding dress and spent at least USD150, then you will get a free veil! How good is that, right? 

 Wait, there’s more. Gbridal is not just for the bride-to-be’s but for everyone. They also happened to be selling different dresses for different occasions. Also, make sure that you visit the Dresses Every Day for wonderful fashion ideas.

So, do you have your favorite wedding dress so far? Because I do! And if you are wondering if I will get married soon, then the answer is no. LOL I’m too young for that. ^o^ I just wanted you to have an idea on what kind of dress you would want to wear on your wedding day. And who knows, that dress might be the key to your happily ever after!

You also may don’t want to waste the 60% off sale of Gbridal + free shipping worldwide. Order now before it’s too late!

xoxo, M.
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